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​Math Websites
Multiplication Websites: Great website for interactive multiplication games. Here is the webpage that I print off the flashcards that the students have in their flashcard packs.  This way you can copy more if you ever lose any!
Math Magician: This is a great website to not only practice multiplication, but also addition, subtraction, and division. Planet Blaster: This is a fun website to practice multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division.  Make sure to click on Set Option to change to desired operation. Monster Crossing:  This is great website that gives you multiplication word problems to solve and once solved the student must try to get their monster to cross a set of obstacles. Hidden Picture: This website requires you to answer the math question and then find the answer on the grid.  If correct, a piece of the hidden picture will be revealed.  This is available for all operations.
Speed Grid is a great subtraction game that gives you the answer, and you must find the 2 numbers in the grid that when subtracted give you that number as the difference.
Space Arrays  this is a multiplication website that is great for understanding what it actually means to multiply. 
Multiplication Games  this website is great for basic to advance multiplication skills.
Fun 4 the Brain When you get to this website click multiplication to get a list of all different multiplication games.  You can even pick what factors you want to practice. 
Other Math Websites We Use In Class:
This website has questions that relate to all of our 3rd Grade math standards.  Students must make sure they type in their username and password first. Stop the Clock 4: Telling Time to the Nearest Minute Stop the Clock 3: Telling Time to 5 Minute Intervals Feet and Yards Website: This website gives a brief lesson on feet and yards and then has a quiz for the students to complete. Inches: This website gives a brief lesson on inches and then has a quiz for the students to complete. Ruler Game: This game lets you choose what type of measurement you would like to practice on.  Then it gives you measurements to find on a ruler. Making Change: At this website students get to play "cashier" and practice giving their custormers the correct change.

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